Posted by: Greta Jaeger | November 16, 2009

Want a happy life read this!

I know that is a bold statement and well it is true that I can’t say my blog will create happiness because it doesn’t and it won’t. So why make the statement you may ask, because I was inspired to. I was writing an entry about the importance of visualizing for creating what you want in life and it hit me. My whole journey in life so far has been about how to be happy. I know if you continue to work at your own personal growth you will learn how to be happy daily. You can not stop and never give up and you will learn what you need to know. This blog will teach you at least some of the techniques you need to overcome your blocks and confusion. My own personal growth continues to this day and will continue until I die.
Here is a little bit on how I came to my passion to help, I was a unhappy child and teenager. I had nothing to complain about, I was a top athlete in my home town, I made decent grades, and even if my parents did not get along I knew I was loved. You see I had it easy, I was unhappy because of how I looked at life and the decisions I made and where they took me. My journey to happiness started at the end of my college career. I won’t go into details here maybe in a later blog. Just know this I was tired of feeling miserable inside and I did not like myself very much. After college I had many different jobs and I had a lot to learn. I eventually went back to school to become a therapist during this time I learned many of the techniques that I now use daily. I still look for anything that will speed up the change process in fact recently I began working with Dr. Michael Duckett and we will be doing a training called the Mental Codes Seminar, the Power of Change. The Mental Codes is a technique that I have now incorporated as a technique to help me accelerate the change process and it has been working wonderfully.
The reason this blog can help you have a healthy life is because I will remind you again and again don’t give up, practice, and keep trying new techniques and skills until you find what works for you. I will feature mainly the techniques that work for me or my clients so experiment and go beyond reading this blog to find solutions. Personal growth is a must for a successful life and happy life. Let me repeat this PERSONAL GROWTH IS A MUST FOR A SUCCESSFUL LIFE AND HAPPY LIFE. However you define success whether it is to be a good; parent, spouse, business person, sister, brother, it all comes down to you how you act, think and love.
To be the best you, you must work hard on yourself. I am not saying be hard on your self, this is self defeating and actually deters personal growth. Working hard means continue to find those areas you want to work on and then improve them. Notice I did not say try to improve them, the way to approach changing anything is to actually do it. Put together a plan of action with simple steps and then follow them. Remember that successful people are courageous they tackle the situations and problems that scare them. With in all of us is a courageous person, wanting to get out. Don’t wait for tragedy or life to force you to be courageous, challenge your self step out of your box do the thing you are most afraid to do. I promise it is freeing to finally take on your fears.

Make a deal with yourself today to be courageous everyday, challenge your self to change and become the person you have always wanted to be. Happiness is well within reach don’t wait grab for it now.

Now if you are anything like me you need help either figuring out what you want to work on or how to work on it. That is why I have a mentor and I would encourage anyone reading this blog entry if you don’t have a mentor or coach to find one ASAP. Having a great coach will accelerate your growth and help you achieve your dreams much faster than you can do alone.

If you want more information about the Mental Codes Seminar then please call me and I will tell you all about the training and Dr. Michael Duckett. Tickets are selling fast so call now (404) 259-1335.

Please send any questions to:
Please put in the subject line “Question for Coach Greta” or leave a comment on my blog and I will get back to you.

Greta Jaeger, LPC, PLC


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