Posted by: Greta Jaeger | November 14, 2009

I was reminded why I spend time visualing

I have written about this skill before in my blog and will write about it again. It is one of the most important skills we have to create a happy and mentally healthy life. One extra benefit is you can do it any time and anywhere, please not while driving.

It is starting to get cold here in Georgia and still almost every evening starting around 6:00pm M-Th dozens of kids and coaches show up to practice soccer across the street at the park. This evening I remember that soccer was my first introduction to the benefits of visualizing. I did not become motivated to use it daily until much later in life but at the time I used it to improve my scoring abilities. I was playing for the Northern California State Women’s Soccer team at the time. The glory days of soccer for me. Our coach instructed us on how to visualize and encouraged us to do this daily to improve our abilities. Now I won’t tell you I managed to do it daily. I will tell you that when I did it consistently I played better. At the time I did not know that he was teaching me one of the most powerful tools you can use to achieve your dreams.

Did you know that the brain does not know the difference between visualization and experiencing an actual event; crazy I know, but true. As an example take three groups and have each player in the three groups all do the same tests i.e. take ten shots on goal. After you gather the data on each player and group shots made and missed then you give each group a different task. Group one does nothing for two weeks, group two practice taking shots on the goal for two weeks and group three visualizes taking shots on goal. The outcome will amaze you group one will not change at all, group two will improve the most and group three will improve only slightly less than group two. Your brain really did practice the shots. Now please understand for visualizing to work you have to put your all into it. You must really visualize the event and how you want it to work out and I mean down to the smell and feel of the event not just what it will look like. Learning this skill will help you accomplish any goal you set faster and smoother. You are creating new nuero pathways and the more you practice the stronger the pathway.

If you are interested in learning more techniques for improving your life and achieving your dreams attend the Mental Codes Seminar in Alpharetta GA on December 12th 10am-1pm. This technique alone will accelerate whatever goals you have for your life or business. Give me a call at (404) 259-1335. I will give you all the details. Some of you will know the main presenter Dr. Michael Duckett and that just his name will sell the venue out quickly.

Please send any questions you want answered to please put in the subject line Question for Coach Greta or leave a comment on my blog and I will get back to you.

Greta Jaeger, LPC, PLC



  1. Read your post with interest. Having coached and played football for many years, I can attest to the validity of your subject.

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