Posted by: Greta Jaeger | November 8, 2009

Confronting Your Fears

Finish this sentence for your self.

I have always wanted to ……. but haven’t because ………

Now look at the last part of the sentence that starts with “because” and I mean really look at it, observe it. Take several deep breaths and ask your self is this truly a good reason not to do what I want or is it just a fear? If it is a fear then it is time to tackle that fear head on There is no true way to bury a fear it will always come back and bite you in the butt later. We have to learn to let go of our fears and move forward.

You must do that thing you think you can not do – Eleanor Roosevelt

It is easy as women to think “my priority is my family” and I agree whole heartedly. Here is where I get confused exactly when did your family become minus you? Are you not a part of your own family? If your family is a priority then logically so are you. They don’t make comments like “the family is only happy if mom is happy” for no reason at all. It is true.

To be happy you must pursue your passions and dreams as well as encourage, inspire and support your family in their pursuits. To confront your fear and do what you want is as simple as moving into action. If your want to start your own business take one small step i.e. go to the library and get books on how start a business. Your want to go back to school go on line and check out some schools maybe an hour a week nothing big just small steps. I know of a woman who was so busy she could only take one class a semester. Slowly over about four years she went in to talk with her advisor and he told her she had one more class to go and she would have her masters. It may seem like a long time but she could of not gone at all and would still not have her masters. Small steps are the easiest and as long as you stay focused on our goal you will get there.

If you want more information on how to move through your fear contact me at:

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  1. Greta’s right…decide to go for it, and then schedule the details…and follow through…there’s lots of hard work, but it is your hard work…Great and inspiring books to read on this topic are “You Can Have It All” by Mary Kay Ash (founder of Mary Kay cosmetics, and the single largest creator of women millionaires in world history); “Having It All” by Helen Gurley Brown (author of “Sex and the Single Girl” and former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine); and “Feminine Force” by Georgette Mosbacher (former CEO of LaPrairie Cosmetics). All are delicious…instructive…and can help you locate and focus your “Feminine Force” and help you to “have it all.”

    Stay strong, Greta. I am glad to know you!!!

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