Posted by: Greta Jaeger | October 25, 2009

Taking Care of YOURSELF

I decided to get up this beautiful morning and begin writing my next book. The sun is shining and I am listening to Nora Jones. I am writing about all the tips I know and have been taught to help get anyone who is stressed about the recession back on track. In these times it is important to stay focused and inspired. It is good to remember that books, music and inspirational people can all help us stay psychologically healthy in hard times. Women are so sensitive to the ebb and flow of our, families, cities and cultures; that we become stressed and overwhelmed at our inability to help, we lose focus on what we need to do.

Keep it simple, we can’t solve everything for everybody. We can listen and support and love but often these are the only gifts we can afford to give or are able to give. We must stay healthy and grounded to help the other people in our lives. We can’t do this if we take on every pain and frustration and make it our own. When you feel yourself getting really caught up in your family or friends pain take a deep breath in and when you blow the breath out imagine letting go of all the pain and frustration that is building in you, so you can just listen.

Remind yourself that if you can help you will. Often you will find your friends only need you to listen. Do the little things you do for yourself in the good times so you feel good. If you love to get your nails done but having been putting it off go get them done. Taking care of yourself will help you have the strength and ability to help the other people in your life. Make sure you have friends you can talk with as well about any challenges that you are facing, and I encourage you to have friends that are good listeners and positive about life. We are a community just keeping a positive attitude can help those around us and our selves.

I am going to start a coaching group (conference call) for women in their mid life crisis in two weeks if you are interested give me a call. I am starting the group in November because the holidays have begun and this can be a stressful time for women. I am sending this to my list and space is limited I will only allow 15 women in the group. If you are interested call me right away so I can hold your spot. Please keep in mind when you call I will do a brief interview to see if you are a good fit for the group.

Please send any questions to:
Please put in the subject line “Question for Coach Greta” or leave a comment on my blog and I will get back to you.

Greta Jaeger, PLC, LPC



  1. Today is a beautiful day to start your book, Greta! I listened to Norah Jones when writing my book, too. And Karen Drucker. Wishing you much inspiration as you continue this journey. The world needs your light.

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