Posted by: Greta Jaeger | October 21, 2009

Controling Your Mind Part II

Controlling Your Mind Part II:

There are several books presently sitting on my old mahogany lawyer’s desk, many of which are about speaking, life coaching and inspiring others. There is one, in particular, though, that I’d like to mention, titled “Peace, which is full of quotes by Mahatma Ghandi. Now, if there was ever a man that had the ability to control his mind, it was Ghandi. In the name of “Peace”, he could go for long periods of time without eating and live. In fact, he inspired an entire peace movement against a violent government, based on “love”, instead of anger, and won. If there ever was an accidental politician, it was him.

What did Ghandi have that we don’t have… or don’t have yet? What motivation did he have? How was he able to face insurmountable odds so fearlessly and lovingly? Perhaps it was a combination of a few of his character traits, such as his discipline, persistence, compassion, love, faith, drive, focus, along with his inspiring ways. Today, though, I’d like to turn your attention to discipline.

Unfortunately, discipline is not easily found in the American culture. The most obvious places to look are in the areas of sports and business. If we consider sports celebrities for a moment, though, they may excel at their sport, but many often get caught up in drugs, alcohol, and abusive or bad marriages. They may be successful in their careers, but they lack that same success and discipline in their personal lives. I believe this may be a result of our cultural belief that if you are disciplined, then you can’t possibly have any fun, and perhaps you’ll even tend to be a bit militaristic.

Wall Street is another place where there has been no discipline. If the people running these companies had controlled their greed, they would still be making money. Perhaps they wouldn’t make it as quickly or make as much, but it would not have disappeared instantly as it did at the beginning of our current recession.

If we want to successfully throw off our negative thinking, then we have to learn and choose some skills that will help us in this process. We then need to use discipline when practicing them. If you read my last blog, I informed you of two skills that will significantly reduce your negative thinking. If you are disciplined in your approach and incorporate these techniques into your daily life, you’re certain to find success. Remember… practice, practice, practice and more practice makes permanent.

Here is a suggestion that can help you make discipline a habit in your life:

First – Pick a skill you want to learn. In this example, we will use catching your negative thoughts and reframing them.
Second – Write down any negative thoughts that you know you have consistently, and then write a positive reframe.
Third – Three times a day, practice a positive reframe with all of the negative thoughts you wrote down.
Fourth – During your day, if and when you catch a negative thought or story playing in your mind, take a deep breath and positively reframe it, and/or think about how you can create an action around that negative thought.

If you are diligent and perform this process for the next thirty days, it will start to become a habit. If you are disciplined and continue on for another month or two, it will become very natural for you to reframe your negative thoughts.

If you are tired of living with your negative thoughts and struggling to get out of the rut you are in email or call Greta Jaeger she is a master at reframing and she will accelerate your learning process. You will move from stuck to pursue your dreams call or email now.

Greta Jaeger, LPC, PLC

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  1. I feel as if you have written these last two posts just for me! While people around me would consider me a very positive person, inside my own head, there is often negativity. I role play worst case scenarios all of the time. I tend to ruminate on negative thoughts and they sometimes become my reality. I am going to try your technique and can’t wait to see if it does indeed change the way I process my thoughts and makes me feel as positive on the inside as I look on the outside~
    Thank you for finding my blog so that I could find you!

  2. In the near future I will being writing about affirmations and using your visualizing skills to fast forward retraining your mind. You may find these posts helpful as well.

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