Posted by: Greta Jaeger | September 10, 2009

Learning to Stay Present

How do we stay in the moment, be present, and learn to live for now without forgetting to build towards a future? Why learn to stay present? First can you change the past? NO. Can you take action in the future? NO. The only state of mind we can take action in or change is “NOW”. If we want a better life we can learn from the past and we can plan for the future and get results in the here and now. So now we know the two biggest blocks to living in the present, are the past and future. The emotion that most people experience when concentrating on the past and future is some kind of FEAR. Fear is de-motivating and spirit crushing. The craziest part is we will even learn from other people’s negative experiences in the past as well, to confirm why we should or should not do something to change our lives.

There are many powerful teachers and motivators in our lives fear from past experiences and fear of failure are two negative ones. You must ask your self is this how I want to live? Living with fear stops you from pursuing your passion and purpose in life. One way to conquer fear and live the life we want is stay and live in the now the present. Here are some techniques to try. Find the ones you like that help you stay present and incorporate them in your daily life.


Get out of your head and get into your body, take a deep breath and feel your body experience it right now, any aches, pains, the absence of aches or pains, pressure, itchy and feel your emotions in this moments what are they calm, nervous, good, happy, frustrated. Just check out your emotions and notice them don’t do anything about them just be in the emotion. Do this daily for 1 or 2 minutes.


Meditate- jump on-line and pick a meditation or email me and I will send you one specific to what you want to meditate about. Do this daily, time can vary depending on the meditation style that you pick I prefer a more active meditation which is why I use Kundalini yoga meditations which can be any where from three minutes to an hour.


Reframe your thoughts- when you catch yourself thinking about the past, change the statement i.e. “Can you believe that person cut me off and almost made me crash my car” becomes “That person who cut me off must have had something awfully important to do like visit their father on his death bed or they would not be driving so dangerously”. Sounds silly but it works. Practicing compassion in your reframes is important. There will be more on reframing and reprogramming your mind in later blogs.

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