Posted by: Greta Jaeger | August 31, 2009

Welcome to my blog about women and our mid life crisis!

Knowing you’re in a mid-life crisis…..
Lets see it looks like hopelessness, fatigue, purposelessness, feeling stuck, frustration and it can at times look like depression. For many women it starts after their kids leave, either to kindergarten or college. All of the sudden you don’t know what to do with yourself and you feel lost. This can happen even with a job if it is not fulfilling. Women in general and yes I am generalizing need to feel like we are giving to our community in some way with some purpose greater than ourselves to be happy. I don’t mean we all want to be Mother Theresa but we do want full lives with purpose and passion. By the way just a fun fact Mother Theresa was a very savvy business woman and spent an hour a day investing in the stock market to fund her non profit.

So now you maybe saying to yourself great now I know I am stuck but what am I going to do about it. This blog is going to be about how to grow, move and inspire yourself to achieve what ever you set your mind to. The journey we are about to embark on will include ideas, resource, challenges and results.

Results not goals; yes, yes goals are good but they are not what we want in the end, we want results. Each week I will write on a topic with the objective being “YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL” money, family, friends, purpose, passion, love and happiness to list a few. If this resonates with you then stay tuned the best is yet to come….

Greta Jaeger, PLC, LPC


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